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"The training that ACTA gives is an essential for any firearms owner. I recommend their training for everyone and anyone who owns firearms and especially those who have a Concealed carry license. A complete course from safety, to inspection, malfunctions, after action, and live fire training ACTA is more then worth the investment!"

Medford, OR

"Fantastic instruction by a great guy! I have taken the basic handgun to obtain my CHL and just finished the Beyond Concealed Carry course. After taking Beyond Concealed Carry my confidence has increased 10-fold and my eyes have been opened to the difference between time at the range and practicing to defend yourself and others. I can't wait for the next class! Erik also provided drills to work through on my own to keep those skills sharp. I can't recommend taking a class from him highly enough. Sign up for one today!"

Pheonix, OR

"Fantastic class and instruction. Highly recommended."

Talent, OR

"Just wanted to thank Erik Maddocks for his attention to detail and highly professional CHL class held last weekend. Enjoyed the class and enjoyed the range experience afterward. Two thumbs up!!!"

Medford, OR

"This was a great class! I can’t thank Erik and Rose enough for their time and effort that they put into all of this. We took this class last weekend and as an entry level shooter, I learned tons. They both took the time to explain and guide me until I became comfortable enough to do things on my own. I am about as entry level as they come. (I came to class with a new hand gun still in the box) I was a bit nervous to learn and handle a gun. However, but both Erik and Rose guided me through every step and answered in depth every question I had. (No matter how odd or stupid they were) which made me feel very comfortable and at ease to learn. There were people of all different levels of shooting in the class and all flowed well. I would highly recommend this class whether you are seasoned or just starting out, like me."

Grants Pass, OR