This class lets you have actual gun-fights in a completely safe manner. We teach you the shooting tactics that will keep you alive in a real gun-fight. We will also show you how those square-range rules that most people train and practice will get you killed in a real-world confrontation. In Advanced Combat Tactics Alliance’s Force-on-Force class you will see and experience instinctive, reactive shooting and moving.   No poses, stances, or artificial constraints brought in from the range. You will immediately see what works...and what does not work.

This class is a real eye-opener. You will be amazed how different shooting is when someone is actively trying to attack you with their hands, contact weapons, or with guns. This is the class that will completely change your perspective on what shooting in self-defense really means.

You will be amazed by what you learn about yourself; your thought processes, your ability to problem solve quickly, what gear works best and what gear is completely useless for real gunfighting. You will learn to point-shoot naturally and you will be shown how to do it as you move with our modern, conflict proven, methods. You will quickly figure out that if you do not move fast, you will get shot. You will learn how to upset the bad-guy’s thought process, preventing him from catching up and shooting you. You will see how “simple” is faster, and fluid movements win, because stagnation and ignorance are death.

You will also be taught how to beat the Tueller 21-foot rule, so the bad-guys won’t have a chance.

There is an old latin saying, “In Ferro Veritas.” Translated it means "  In the sword is truth".   Simply put, . . .it is all theory until you test it in the crucible of combat; and Force-on-Force is the closest we can get to combat without bloodshed.

Don't miss this class. . . it could save your life.
Which do you want to be, smooth and fast, or stagnant and dead?

The answer is simple. . . sign up today.
Your training will never be the same again.

Special equipment is required for this training, give us a call for details.

If you have any questions about this training, please give us a call:

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