Multi-State Concealed Firearm Safety Class

Looking to do some traveling?

Why not get a non-resident concealed firearm permit from the state of Utah.  Utah's Concealed Firearm Permit is one of the most recognized permits in the country.  With Advanced Combat Tactics Alliance's Combo Concealed Permit class you will get all the training necessary apply for both your Oregon Concealed Handgun License as well as your Utah non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit.  With it you will be legal to carry concealed in .

Don't be fooled by other schools out there saying their Oregon CHL class is a "combo" class because Oregon's permit is recognized by other states.  Getting one state's permit is not a combo, that's false advertising.

 Advanced Combat Tactics Alliance's Combo Oregon/Utah Basic Handgun Safety and Concealed Carry Responsibility Class is Southern Oregon's only true Combo class.

This class covers everything you need to know to apply for both your Oregon Concealed Handgun License and your Utah Non-resident Concealed Firearms Permit. We spend the morning in the classroom then break for lunch and come back and spend the afternoon on the range.

The level of this class can not be matched in Southern Oregon. This class is perfect for those who want to be able to legally carry concealed in as many states as possible by getting both their Oregon CHL and Utah CFP. This class is also great for those who are new to guns and want to learn firearm safety.

For the afternoon on the range you can bring your own pistol, or if you haven't bought yours yet, we will allow you to use one of ours if you bring a box of ammo. Please call us if you would like to use one of our pistols. Only 50 rounds of ammo (1 box) is needed.  

If you have any questions about this training, please give us a call:

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